Deep clean

Deep clean

Domestic and Commercial Deep Cleaning And Disinfection Service

Our deep cleaning service gives you peace of mind that your home environment is safe for your family and visitors. Using the latest equipment and infection-prevention cleaning methods, we will ensure surfaces and areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to avoid the risk of contamination by viruses.

Take Advantage of a Deep One-Off Clean!

Our deep clean service is not just a general tidy up or quick dust around, we provide an in-depth hygienic cleaning process that removes a whole wealth of dirt, dust and other types of grime and bacteria that have built up over some time.

You can expect the cleaners to achieve great results on all occasions, some of which are:

  • Coming home from holiday
  • Moving into a new home
  • Annual spring cleaning
  • Pre-party or Post-party clean up and tidy up

Our specialised deep cleaning services include:

We work with you to identify the area, requirements and time required to carry out the works.

  • Kitchen – wiping and cleaning of all kitchen appliances. Dusting off all cupboards, countertops, and tables; cleaning floors.
  • Bathroom –descale of the bath, sink, and toilet. Polishing of all bathroom cabinets; cleaning tiles and floors.
  • Bedroom – hoovering all carpets and rugs. Dusting off picture frames, light switches, wardrobes, and other surfaces; cleaning skirting boards, windows inside.
  • Living room – tackling furniture pieces and vacuuming floors. Removing cobwebs and polishing indoor windows.
  • Hallway – dusting all surfaces including skirting boards, railings and woodwork.
  • Windows and Doors – dusting and cleaning windows, window sills and window panes; all doors cleaned.

We carry out deep cleans on all types of residential properties, new or old buildings to get them looking, smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

Conducting a deep clean and disinfecting of all surfaces not only provides a safer working environment for your employees but also reduces the risk of spreading Covid-19 or other viruses and diseases.

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